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Alliance Laundry Systems Launches Charitable Giving Initiative

Manufacturer addresses basic need for clean laundry for most vulnerable

RIPON, Wis. — Commercial laundry equipment maker Alliance Laundry Systems (ALS) recently launched a charitable giving initiative, Alliance Laundry Cares, which enables it to address the basic need for cleanliness, comfort and dignity for those most vulnerable in the global communities where its team members live and work.

“Most of us give little thought to clean clothes. We wake up, grab fresh clothing and go about our day. It’s a routine that can easily be taken for granted,” says Amanda Kopetsky, vice president of Global Human Resources at ALS. “There are people right now in our communities who don’t have that same access and we want to help fill that need and provide the dignity that comes with it.”

Alliance Laundry Systems has a long history of charitable giving, going back to its founding in 1908, but Alliance Laundry Cares takes this giving to a new level.

Through its equipment and expertise, ALS is “uniquely positioned to support the organizations that help people with this necessity when they need it most,” Kopetsky adds.

With donations of laundry equipment, expertise and financial support, Alliance Laundry Cares primarily focuses on four key areas of community need: domestic abuse shelters, homeless shelters, animal rescue and shelters, and schools and education.

For its first donation, Alliance Laundry Cares partnered with Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Christine Ann provides domestic violence emergency shelter and abuse programs in Winnebago and Green Lake counties. Alliance gifted the shelter with four sets of washers and dryers, including delivery and installation, for the shelter clients and staff.

“The families and individuals we serve often need to quickly leave their homes with few possessions,” says Beth Oswald, executive director, Christine Ann Domestic Abuse Services. “We supply bedding, towels, and clothing and that means a lot of laundry. Having these brand-new washers and dryers means so much to our facility. Clean laundry helps our clients feel comfortable and cared for during their stay with us.”

Organizations seeking assistance from Alliance Laundry Cares can go to the initiative’s webpage for more information and to fill out a donation request.

Alliance Laundry Systems Launches Charitable Giving Initiative

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