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CSC ServiceWorks Expands Social Impact Program

Clean laundry initiative helps community centers address employment, education challenges

MELVILLE, N.Y. — Local community centers across America rely on daily, consistent access to laundry services to support their housing, childcare, and job training programs. To help meet this essential need, CSC ServiceWorks reports that it is expanding its social impact program.

CSC ServiceWorks provides multi-family housing and commercial laundry solutions, along with other services.

This year, the company continues to extend its network of community center/local CSC branch partnerships in its 40 markets, donating and servicing new equipment and activating volunteer engagement opportunities.

Throughout 2021, CSC ServiceWorks initiated more than 20 partnerships nationwide, encompassing 30 community centers that serve tens of thousands of community members. Nearly 200 pieces of equipment were donated and installed. Along with ongoing service, maintenance, and replacements, this represents over $300,000 in grants, donations, and in-kind services over their initiating year, according to the company.

“We now have access to reliable laundry equipment that can be used to clean face masks, children’s dirty clothes, towels and other supplies,” says Tashi Swierkosz at PB&J Family Services, a CSC community center partner in Albuquerque, New Mexico. “We’re also better able to provide clean clothing for clients, helping them remove barriers to confidently access employment, education, and community services and improve overall self-image and well-being.”

CSC is continuing to build out the nationwide network of community centers that it supports, giving a $50,000 grant to Social Current to help operationalize this expansion. Social Current continues to identify high-need community centers among its network, facilitate partnerships with local CSC branches and collaborate on execution plans.

“We’re thrilled about the impact our partnership with CSC ServiceWorks is having on community organizations and people across the country,” says Jody Levison-Johnson, president and CEO, Social Current. “Their unwavering belief that laundry is an essential service has helped to improve people's lives and strengthen the infrastructure and operations of organizations within the Social Current network.”

“We’re actively continuing to grow our relationship with our existing partners while also building out the number of new community centers we serve and types of services we provide,” says CSC Executive Vice President Rick Martella. "As we move into the summer, CSC teams will come together at partner sites to transform and uplift their spaces, including laundry rooms, general and play spaces."

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