Editorial Opportunities

Anyone can submit industry news or story ideas for our publications for free.

New Products

Send a description (around 300 words) of your new product or service and a hi-res, color image. Be sure to include contact information so that our readers can get a hold of you.

Industry News

Submit information on any career changes, such as new hires, promotions and company restructuring. Include a mugshot and a writeup that includes specific job titles, job responsibilities and relevant work history/experience. You can also submit any general company news, such as the opening of new offices, financial reports, awards, service schools, trade shows, mergers and more. Include relevant hi-res images.

Story Ideas

If you have a story to tell, or an idea that you think would make a good feature, let us know. Submit an outline of what the article would be about; it should be informative on a topic concerning the industry or on a product segment within the industry.

Email your story ideas to [email protected].