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Brax Laundry Builds on Game-Changing Experience (Conclusion)

Proud owners strive to make difference in their Oregon community

OREGON CITY, Ore. — Each day, the laundromat business brings pretty predictable outcomes. Self-service customers come in with dirty laundry and leave with fresh, clean items — effectively and efficiently washed and dried. Wash-dry-fold clients get a premium experience, including the completion of that dreaded task of folding.

Owners see that flow play out in real time on their smartphones and computers, translating the everyday scenes into numbers, turns per day, cycle modifier percentages, and effectiveness of time-of-day pricing.

And then there’s Brax Laundry here in Oregon City.

Brad and Max Sabo (thus the name “Brax” Laundry) opened the Portland-area laundromat in 2022 and nothing has been as predicted. However, when you blow your projections out of the water pretty much since day one, unpredictable is just fine for these owners.


With COVID-19 top of mind for many when Brax Laundry was being developed, and most customers short on time, Brax took its offerings to the next level.

First, in addressing the time savings element and the fact that the pandemic had created more laundry than normal, the owners worked with their distributor to add extra capacity. Brax was besting almost all competitors in its market with four 80-pound-capacity washer-extractors and two 100-pound-capacity units.

“They are spinning all the time,” Max says, adding that customers are consistently wowed by the capacity the laundromat has, which greets them immediately upon entering.

Brad and Max also took full advantage of the cycle programming ease (and profit-generating potential) of Quantum Touch. To address the increased interest in a higher-level clean that the pandemic brought, the duo added a “Brax Premium” cycle for customers seeking greater peace of mind. The cycle offered a longer wash as well as a pre-wash step and extra rinse.

“It took all of three minutes to add that to all of the machines,” Max jokes of the ease and speed of programming the washer-extractors. “That was actually really impressive.”

And while many owners might be content to offer just a premium cycle and a few cycle modifiers, not Brad and Max. When they say next level, they mean it. Brax leveraged the power of ozone injection for superior cleaning results in cold water, and even offered it for free. The fresh ozone smell was a nice byproduct that’s been noted by customers (remember the “it doesn’t smell like a laundromat” comment from Part 1?)


Brad and Max are every bit proud business owners. They love chatting about the process to open, how opening day was the culmination of so much work, and how pleased they are to receive great feedback from customers. But they are just as quick to point out that the business is an equally great opportunity to give back.

“We didn’t want to own a business just to make money … we want to make a difference in the community,” Max says.

That’s why they partnered with LoveOne Community, a non-profit community-based organization committed to serving Clackamas County, Ore., neighbors in need on a regular basis, providing clean laundry, showers, meals, personal care resources, and community connections.

Brax has hosted free laundry events, where those in need also had access to food and showers. They know that clean clothes are essential for life.

The pair has been excited by the difference their business has made in the community, as well as the tremendous bottom-line results (they later opened a second location in Molalla, Ore.).

While it took a bit longer than normal to get to the opening of their first location, it was definitely worth the wait. Max even says the multi-year process taught him great patience.

“It was a great experience for me … it brought new peace to my life.”

Brax Laundry Builds on Game-Changing Experience

Max Sabo (at laptop) and Brad Sabo (next to Max on right) say they were amazed by how easy it was to create a special cycle and add it to all washers in Brax Laundry. (Photos: Alliance Laundry Systems)

Brax Laundry Builds on Game-Changing Experience

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Sabos added a “Brax Premium” cycle for customers seeking greater peace of mind. The cycle offered a longer wash as well as a pre-wash step and extra rinse.

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