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Tumble Smart Laundry Launches Pickup and Delivery Service

Invites gig economy workers to be “Washers”

SAN FRANCISCO — Laundry technology platform Tumble has launched a self-titled pickup and delivery service for what the company says will be a “faster, more reliable and transparent on-demand laundry service.”

By integrating with best-in-class delivery services, including DoorDash, Tumble says laundry can be picked up in under 30 minutes and delivered clean in under four hours.

Tumble Pickup & Delivery is available now in San Francisco and San Jose, California, but the company says it plans to launch it nationwide.

“Tumble is working to create a world in which we don’t have to think about laundry,” says Tumble CEO and founder Scott Patterson. “Open the app, push a button and your laundry is done.”

Tumble Pickup & Delivery features in-app tracking that allows users to know who is doing their laundry and to keep tabs on laundry status as it’s on the move.

The launch also marks the first opportunity for gig workers (called “Washers” by Tumble) to operationalize laundry as a service from home and on their own time.

With the service debuting on the heels of a recently announced $7 million seed round, Tumble says it drives net operating income (NOI) for multifamily apartment owners and operators, and powers a “seamless laundry experience” for residents.

Tumble counts 2B Living, Moss & Company, Mosser and AMC Management LLC and R.A. Snyder Properties Inc. among its nationwide list of customers.

“Tumble Pickup & Delivery extends the value chain to consumers and allows us to further optimize revenue opportunities and experiences across every touchpoint in the laundry service lifecycle — from residents to gig workers to property managers and portfolios, and even laundromats,” Patterson says.

Tumble Smart Laundry

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