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More Laundromats Partner with HappyNest

Pickup/delivery service adds locations in several states

EAST GREENWICH, R.I. — Tech-enabled laundry pickup and delivery service HappyNest continues to expand, the company reports, announcing in recent weeks that its services are now available in new locations in several states.

Park Ave. Laundromat is now providing next-day pickup and delivery laundry service east of Rochester, New York, from a 4,200-square-foot facility equipped with 30 washers and 33 dryers.

“We were very interested in HappyNest’s ability to help us expand our business,” says Mark Teng of Park Ave Laundromat. “We are always looking for opportunities to reach new customers and decided that providing laundry pickup and delivery service with HappyNest was a great fit.”

HappyNest has expanded availability to Oceanside, California, with new partner Pearl Laundry. Pearl’s 5,100-square-foot facility has entered the pickup and delivery space with 60 high-efficiency washers and 62 dryers.

“After speaking with those in the industry and a fellow HappyNest partner, it was clear that HappyNest was a great fit for us,” says Mark Mariain of Pearl Laundry. “I have been in the laundry industry for 17 years and am ready to expand our services and offer an additional convenience to customers through pickup and delivery.”

Glendale, Arizona, customers looking for HappyNest’s service can now find it via new partner Sudz Laundromat. The 2,200-square-foot store has expanded into pickup and delivery with 34 washers and 36 dryers.

“We decided to partner with HappyNest to provide the best possible experience for our laundromat customers,” says William Rogerson of Sudz Laundromat. “We know that the support from HappyNest will help us make continual improvements to our processes and procedures and allow us to scale our pickup and delivery business efficiently.”

Residents of the Austin, Texas, area, can now find next-day pickup and delivery service provided by new HappyNest partner ATX Laundromat. The 1,950-square-foot facility run by eight-year veteran John DeYoung features 42 washers and 64 dryers.

“HappyNest has a track record of connecting clients to laundry providers to meet their needs,” says DeYoung. “We were looking for an opportunity to expand our business into the pickup and delivery space and HappyNest was a great fit for us.”

With its service already available in many areas in New York state, HappyNest has expanded into the area north of Westchester County via new partner Lucky Suds. The 1,300-square-foot facility is equipped with 24 washers and 24 dryers.

“We already have a great relationship with HappyNest,” says Mike Weinrach of Lucky Suds. “We thoroughly enjoy the interactions and support with our community and are interested in further increasing our revenue by expanding the territories that we service.”

HappyNest—which is now available in 37 states—says it boosts productivity and cash flow during the slow mid-week for its laundromat partners. Its support includes marketing for signups and retention, software for route management, business mentoring, and a customer service team.

HappyNest Continues to Add Laundromat Partners

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