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Curbside Laundries Offering Laundromat Tours to Software Clients

Pulls back curtains on family-owned Super Suds in California

LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. — Point-of-sale and laundry pickup/delivery software developer Curbside Laundries is now offering tours of Super Suds, a laundromat owned by Curbside’s founders, to laundry owners using Curbside software.

Super Suds, located in nearby Long Beach, earns over $120,000 a month in wash and fold business, 70% of which is generated through pickup and delivery, Curbside says.

The tour provides a unique opportunity for laundry owner customers to learn from experts about the wash and fold process, including spending time with the launderers and drivers to see the laundry pickup and delivery process in person.

Curbside believes tour participation can provide “valuable insights and tips for laundry business owners to improve their business operations, as well as gain a better understanding of the potential for growth in the pickup and delivery sector.”

Jeff Posner of Crown Laundry in San Diego says visiting the laundromat, and its fully operational fluff and fold and pickup and delivery business, was eye-opening for him.

“The business operations tour helped me learn what I needed to get, what I needed to do, and what the expectations of the business are,” he says.

Andrea Carney, who acquired Let’s Talk Dirty Laundry in mid-2022, made the trip from Cocoa Beach, Florida: “I came out to Super Suds because the team has been very friendly, welcoming and helpful. I’m learning how they use the Curbside software for pickup and delivery, folding, and binning.”

Laundry owners who use Curbside Laundries software can sign up for a Super Suds tour by contacting Curbside directly.

Curbside Laundries Offering Laundromat Tours to Software Clients

Curbside clients may arrange for an in-person laundromat tour by contacting the software provider directly. (Photo: Curbside Laundries)

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