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CleanCloud Achieves Milestones as it Enters 10th Year

Reached 10 million-plus customers, processed transactions exceeding $1 billion

DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — CleanCloud, a software provider for laundromats and dry cleaners, says it has reached a series of “remarkable milestones that highlight its continued growth” as it enters its 10th year.

The company founded in 2014 has reached more than 10 million customers through its innovative software and processed over $1 billion in transactions.

Customers worldwide have benefited from the convenience and efficiency of CleanCloud-powered services in-store and online through pickup and delivery service and customer apps, the company says.

Surpassing $1 billion in transactions represents the opportunity that exists in the industry, as online orders and digital payments continue to grow in popularity, CleanCloud adds.

CleanCloud’s mission from the start has been to empower laundry businesses with the tools they need to succeed in a digital-first world, says co-founder and CEO John Buni.

“For us, these important milestones are not just numbers; they represent the trust, hard work, and entrepreneurial spirit of our customers,” Buni says. “We're proud to be part of their journey and are excited about the future as we continue to support their growth and success."

CleanCloud Milestone

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