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Clean Rite Center Hosts Financial Literacy Graduates

Qualitas of Life honors course participants at New York laundromat

QUEENS, N.Y. — Besides providing laundry services, self-service laundries can sometimes also serve their communities in other ways. A Clean Rite Center in Queens recently took advantage of such an opportunity.

More than 50 people representing nine nationalities participated in a free, eight-week virtual financial education session led by Qualitas of Life, a nonprofit dedicated to improving Hispanic family financial security.

Clean Rite Center co-sponsored the financial literacy initiative and hosted a Dec. 10 graduation ceremony for the participants at a Queens location. Each participant received a $50 Clean Rite laundry card good for free laundry loads in recognition of their accomplishment.

The educational sessions covered topics including online banking, opening bank accounts, and protecting finances to foster financial stability, according to Soco Hernández-Serrano, Qualitas of Life research and evaluation manager.

“Twenty-seven participants graduated and received a certificate of completion,” she says, “while 28 received a certificate of participation for attending at least one course session.”

Clean Rite Center Hosts Financial Literacy Graduates

Gathering in celebration of Qualitas of Life financial education session participants at Clean Rite Center, Queens, N.Y., are (front row, from left) Laundry Capital Chief of Staff Felicia Galitsky, Qualitas of Life Research and Evaluation Manager Soco Hernández-Serrano, Leticia Marin, Qualitas of Life Community Outreach Coordinator Helen Mueses, and District 26 New York City Council Member Julie Won; (middle row, from left) Rosalia Ayala-Ramirez, Olga Rivera, Emma Confesor, Maria Delgado, Gabina Santamaria, Maria Aureoles and Monica Moreno; and (back row, from left) Odelis Palacios, Elizabeth Carrasco, Yasmin Medina, Melissa Fernandez and Popular Democracy Senior National Organizer Tony Alarcon. (Photo: Clean Rite Center)

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