Jim Kell

Laundry Equipment Services Inc.

Sales Manager

Jim Kell is sales manager at Laundry Equipment Services (LES) in Berkeley Springs, W. Va. Kell handles OPL sales and the development and rehab of coin laundries. He's spent more than 30 years in the hotel, food service and casino business as a general manager, director of operations and owner. For more information, check out www.leslaundry.com.

What Does the Customer Want?

Recently, while discussing the development of a new, 3,150-square-foot...

Keep Marketing Simple

Now that your laundry is up and running, how do you make it meet or exceed...

Keep Marketing Simple

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W. Va. — Now that your laundry is up and running, how do...

A Little Help to Find Good Help

BERKELEY SPRINGS, W. Va. — Designing, building, financing and opening a...


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