Woman Admits to Fabricating Laundromat Attack

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ROGERSVILLE, Tenn. — Credit surveillance cameras with providing police with a big assist. A woman stuck to her claim of being attacked by two men at a Laundromat until detectives showed her a surveillance video that contradicted her story, according to the Kingsport Times News.The woman said she was waiting for her sister to pick her up when two men entered the store, according to a report filed by the Rogersville Police Department. She said one of the men asked her if she had any money or pills, and then dumped the contents of her pocketbook on a table.She claimed that one of the men then threw her on a table and pulled her pants off, according to the report. When she met with Rogersville detectives, she said she was injured and needed to go to the hospital, the detectives say.The detectives watched video surveillance from the Laundromat, which reportedly showed her at the business, but did not show any attack or the two men described at any time she was there.The woman returned to the police station, repeated her story, at which time she was advised of her Miranda rights.After being informed that surveillance footage contradicted her story, she recanted and admitted that she hadn’t been attacked, the police say.The woman was charged with filing a false report, a misdemeanor. 

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