WashClub NYC on ‘Trak’ with Company Rollout

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BROOKLYN, N.Y. — Laundry and drycleaning services provider WashClub NYC reports it has recently debuted its services in Washington, D.C., through its recently developed WashClubTrak software licensing program.

WashClubTrak allows local vended laundry and drycleaning operators to become WashClub licensees, according to WashClub NYC founder Rick Rome.

For an upfront set-up fee and a monthly royalty, licensees are provided with WashClubTrak’s logistics software, website and app, along with training, marketing and technical support, and other aspects, like facilitating pickup and delivery, according to the company.

“What we do is we license software to the local [operator] and they utilize [it] and do all the work,” says Rome.

Customers in the area can then download the WashClub app on their mobile device for on-demand laundry or drycleaning pickup and delivery services. Prices average $1.15 per pound for service that includes delivery, according to the company.

The service ultimately allows laundry operators to maximize their store’s capacity, according to Rome, and also allows them to “successfully compete with larger players” in the laundry and drycleaning industries.

“WashClubTrak allows you to extend your storefront virtually 30 miles in every direction because it costs a lot less to get a truck and a driver than it does to build another location 20 or 30 miles away,” he says.

The company is also on track to roll out its service to other areas, like Atlanta and in Alabama, according to Rome.

A “white label” licensing location has already been established in Dallas, according to the company. A similar location will be opening in Los Angeles, says Rome, who adds that the company is exploring possibilities in international markets, like Indonesia and Mexico.

“We have a lot of iron in the fire. Things have been very good to date,” he says. “We still have much to do, and we’re very, very excited about what we’re doing.”

Rome, and business partner Henri Alexaline, founded WashClub NYC in 2010 as a walk-in laundry in the city’s Sunset Park neighborhood.

The duo then “saw the tide” and started to offer more delivery services, according to the company. Today, about 90% of its business comes from pickup and delivery, with 10% comprised of self-service customers.

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