‘Success Stories,’ New Content Added in Huebsch Website Redesign

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RIPON, Wis. — Commercial laundry equipment manufacturer Huebsch recently unveiled its newly redesigned website, featuring a new look and layout, as well as other new content.

“Today, many of our customers turn to our website as the first point of contact, making it necessary for our online resources to be as informative as our knowledgeable staff and distributors would be in person,” says Jay McDonald, vice president of distributor development and interim North American sales manager. “We believe the updates make one of the industry’s most informative and easy-to-use websites.”

The site’s new home page features a sliding banner highlighting “the latest products, promotions and videos,” while an “updated footer” on every page has also been added, enabling visitors to “locate an authorized Huebsch distributor, contact Huebsch and learn about financing options through Huebsch Financial,” according to the company.

Also new to the site is a page dedicated to Galaxy controls, the company’s control system for commercial laundry equipment.

“The pinnacle of this new page is an interactive module highlighting the ways vended store owners can optimize their efficiency and maximize revenue with Huebsch washer-extractors and tumble dryers equipped with Galaxy 600 controls,” the company says.

An updated “Success Stories” page has also been added, the company says, allowing potential and current customers to learn about other store owners’ achievements.

The company says that the website redesign is just one part of its overall marketing campaign, which includes “a new brand platform and creative campaign.”


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