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Stand Up and Fight

It doesn’t matter how many times or how hard we get knocked down. What matters is how many times we can get up and fight! Right now in this country, we have people losing their jobs, their houses, their cars and more, so what are we going to do about it?Stand up and fight! You heard me — don’t sit back and let your life and business be taken away because you lack the heart to stand up and face your fear. You are not alone!MAKE THE DECISIONMany operators call me asking, “What should we do about today’s economic times?” The answer lies within you, but there are no iron-clad answers. The fix is in the search.What I mean is that there’s not a cookie-cutter answer for everyone, because each store is unique, with different demographics and management styles in place. I’ve spoken about getting deeper entrenched in your business and spending the time to build your bottom line — it takes constant commitment, determination and hard work to succeed.The economy has many laundry owners wounded and bleeding. What are you doing to stop that bleeding? You may not want to admit it, but you may not fall into that select group of owners who are still making money. Why are they making money? Commitment, my friend, means doing whatever it takes to get there.I want you to improvise, adapt, and cancel your holiday weekends, vacations, and birthday parties — get mad about what’s happening. Then channel your negative energies to propel you forward and dive into your business 100%. Now is the time to dig deep within yourself and give it everything you’ve got.Now, I know that you’re resourceful, or you wouldn’t be in business. But what you might need is passion. Go after your business the same way you did when you first went after your wife when you wanted to get married! Remember that passion? The same passion you had then is what you need now if you plan to stay in the laundry business. This is your time — fortunes are made during tough economic times.If you follow the plan — and you do need a plan — you’ll find yourself stopping the bleeding and able to win the fight. You’ll be the champion that each and every one of you can be! I believe in you, so roll up your sleeves and let’s get down and dirty.Remember, as long as we have heart, we always have a chance. Stand up and fight!For some specific suggestions on how to run a successful store, check out Robert Renteria's previous columns here and here

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