Speed Queen Unveils New Website with Investor Focus

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RIPON, Wis. — Speed Queen has launched a new website for potential investors interested in the self-service laundry industry,, to showcase Laundromats as “an under-recognized, yet viable and smart business investment,” the company reports.

“The interactive website is designed to educate people looking for a good investment about the profitability potential of Laundromats compared to other investments, and the benefits of partnering with Speed Queen to open one,” the company says.

“Our goal for the website is to provide individuals interested in opening a small business with all the information they need to make an informed decision,” says Dan Bowe, Speed Queen national sales manager. “With an average return on investment up to 35%, investing in Laundromats proves to be nearly recession proof because the business is not strongly tied to the fluctuating economy—clean laundry is a necessity.”

In addition to showcasing multimedia case studies to help new investors better understand the benefits of opening a Laundromat, the site also highlights the benefits of choosing laundry over other potential investments, including franchises.

“With no franchise fee, minimal up-front costs and a notably high success rate, Laundromats outshine other opportunities,” the company says. “For example, Speed Queen estimates the start-up cost associated with a Laundromat around $300,000, where the cost associated with opening other franchises are shown to be over $1 million.”

The site also speaks directly to commercial real estate owners looking for new tenants.

“Laundromats provide real estate owners with a proven business that creates a destination for customers; offers a safe, clean family environment; is typically committed to long-term lease agreements; and offers great cross-marketing opportunities with neighboring stores,” Speed Queen says.


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