‘Secret Santas’ Spread Holiday Cheer in Coin Laundries

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ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — Philanthropists across the country were spreading more than good cheer this holiday season, as “secret Santas” anonymously donated cash in coin laundries and other establishments.At a coin laundry in southeast Albuquerque, a woman named Robyn was doing a load of laundry and received an unusual surprise.“I’m, you know, putting my clothes in the dryer, and somebody walked behind me and said something so fast, I didn’t even hear what it was,” according to local news affiliate KRQE News 13. The mystery benefactor left behind an envelope with a holiday surprise inside.“I picked it up, and looked at it, and opened it, and it was a secret Santa donation,” Robyn said. “There was a crisp, shiny bill in there.”Robyn also said that she didn’t know if the stranger was a man or a woman; but was thankful, whoever it was.“What it did most for me was remind me that there are people in this world who can open their hearts and give, and they don’t seem to expect anything in return,” she said.Two more secret Santas gave away $11,000 to unsuspecting Detroit area residents to add some happiness to their holidays.According to the Detroit Free Press, a married couple anonymously handed out $100 bills at coin-operated laundries, bus stops and thrift stores in the working-class Detroit suburb of Lincoln Park.The couple wanted to give money to people hurt by the city’s struggling auto industry, the poor economy, high unemployment and numerous home foreclosures, the newspaper says. 

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