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ATLANTA — Southern Automatic Machinery Co. (SAMCO) has changed its name and is moving today into a larger, more customer-friendly location, the company says.

The company officially changed its name to the acronym that customers already use: SAMCO.

“Our company has history in the Atlanta area, and rather than lose part of our heritage by developing a new name, we decided to become more modern and use our initials,” says John Sugg, president and CEO of SAMCO.

The company has been operating as Southern Automatic Machinery Co. since the 1940s, when it was founded. SAMCO got its name because it was located in the South, and at the time, washing machines were referred to as automatic machines.

SAMCO’s new, 10,400-square-feet facility is located at 133 N. 85 Parkway in Fayetteville, Ga.

“These changes were made with the customer in mind, and we believe it will strengthen our existing relationships while helping to forge new ones,” Sugg says. “We’ll remain the company our customers have come to know and trust, and [we] look forward to continued success as we approach 2012.”

SAMCO is a commercial laundry distributor serving the coin laundry, multi-housing, hotel, education and healthcare markets. It is the exclusive provider of Speed Queen laundry equipment and technologies in parts of Georgia, Alabama and South Carolina.


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