Reinventing the Washing Concept

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CHICAGO — With utility costs plaguing society, and a slowly emerging “green” movement underway, there doesn’t seem to be shortage of ideas involving new technology. This even extends to the way people wash clothes.Several new wash concepts have recently been in the news. While you may find some of the concepts intriguing, it’s hard to say what if any of this technology may ever be adapted to the coin laundry industry.One UK company is set to debut a home washer designed to use only one cup of water per load. How does this work? The machine uses plastic chips to agitate dirt, debris and even stains, leaving garments clean and dry and minimizing additional energy consumption, since there is no need to toss the garment into the dryer.Another washer that emphasizes steam is designed to use 35% less water and 21% less electricity than typical machines. This machine is also supposed to keep clothes lasting longer by incorporating a soft, bumpy surface that won’t add wear and tear to garments.The Wonderwash is a plastic pill-shaped device that's filled with dirty clothes, hot water and detergent. It sits on a crank-powered dolly, and the dirty water is drained out at the end of the process, which takes about five minutes. For you optimists, the cranking can be promoted as exercise for customers!Lastly, some people may be intrigued by Magnetic Miracle Balls. This system consists of a magnetic ball designed to alter the molecular makeup of the water. The result:  Solvency is increased and the clothes are cleaned better, the company says. It’s hard to say if anyone will ever be attracted to the magnetic concept. 

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