Poll: Small-Business Owners Split on Election

ST. LOUIS — What presidential candidate will benefit small businesses? An online sample of the nation’s small-business owners reveals that 35% believe the Republican Party best represents the interest of small businesses; but 30% of respondents chose Barack Obama as the best presidential contender in the race, according to a poll by, an Internet television network focusing on small business.Hillary Rodham Clinton  (22%) is the second most popular candidate, while John McCain was chosen by 20%, and Mike Huckabee garnered 19%.Thirty-one percent believe the Democratic Party is the best choice to represent the nation’s small businesses. The Independent Party (13%) and the Libertarian Party (10% ) also drew votes.The National Small Business Association (NSBA) wants to make sure that the voices of small-business owners are heard with its new campaign, “Small Businesses: 70 Million Strong... And Voting.” NSBA is urging small-business owners and employees to speak out as part of the overall small-business community.A recent survey conducted by the National Federation of Independent Businesses found that 80% of small-business owners thought that presidential candidates weren’t adequately addressing issues that are important to them. Small-business owners and their employees comprise one-third of all votes, according to NSBA. 


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