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Paystri Launches Program to Protect CCI Clients from Chargebacks

Provides reimbursements up to $100,000/year on transactions under $250

SALEM, Mass. — Payment processing company Paystri has launched a new program created specifically to protect its Card Concepts Inc. (CCI) laundromat owner clients from chargebacks and fees that cut into profits.

Research shows that 50% of laundromat owners experience chargebacks, Paystri says, losing an average of $50 or more per fraudulent or contested transaction in fees and lost revenue.

To combat this issue for its CCI laundry clients, Paystri’s Laundry Guard provides reimbursements of up to $100,000 per year for chargebacks on transactions under $250.

“We are thrilled about the launch of Paystri’s Laundry Guard program,” says Steve Marcionetti, CCI president. “Chargebacks have long been a challenge within our industry, eroding profits and complicating the payment process for our clients. Laundry Guard’s approach to protecting our clients from these costly nuisances not only aligns perfectly with our mission but also represents a significant step forward in our ongoing effort to provide comprehensive support and security to the CCI community.”

Additional benefits of the program include $100,000 insurance coverage for data breaches, cyber-attacks, and other security threats; around-the-clock support from the Paystri team; and payments tailored to the unique needs of laundromat owners.

For a monthly fee, Laundry Guard keeps laundromats squeaky clean from chargebacks and unnecessary fees, Paystri says.

“We know unattended locations and small-ticket purchases make laundromat owners vulnerable to chargebacks,” says John DiStefano, Paystri’s vice president of sales. “Laundry Guard provides the protection they need and peace of mind that their business is covered.”

Current Paystri CCI laundromat owner clients are automatically enrolled in the program. New customers can contact Paystri to learn more.

Paystri Launches Program to Protect CCI Clients from Chargebacks

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