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Operators Grade Themselves

CHICAGO — In the most recent Wire survey, we asked operators to grade themselves on how well they ran their stores in 2006. Forty percent of the operators gave themselves a B; 26.7 percent of the respondents gave themselves an A and 22.2 percent gave themselves a C. Nearly 89 percent of the respondents said their stores were in better condition today than at the end of 2005.Operators were also asked, where, in terms of store operation, they fell short in 2006. Thirty-one percent of the respondents said their marketing efforts were lacking; 18 percent said they didn't "spruce up" the store enough; 16 percent said they didn't purchase the necessary equipment. However, 24 percent of the respondents said they hit all of their goals. Is there a relationship between competition and meeting goals? Thirty-eight percent of the respondents said competition had little effect on their actions. 

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