NC Laundromat Brightens Store Through LED Retrofit



Willow Creek Laundromat, Carrboro, N.C., has brightened up its store by installing a new LED lighting system. This before-and-after photo illustrates the results.

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DURHAM, N.C. — Willow Creek Laundromat is now providing a “brighter” laundry environment to patrons by recently retrofitting the store’s lighting system with LED lights, reports North Carolina-based Carolina LED, which provided the retrofitting services.

Situated in the Willow Creek Shopping Center in Carrboro, N.C., the Laundromat now uses 30 2-tube T8 LED systems to light its 2,500-square-foot space, according to Carolina LED. It was the laundry’s goal to provide a clean, bright environment for out-of-town visitors, local residents, and for those who want the convenience of large-capacity washers and dryers.

Carolina LED reports that it provided Willow Creek Laundromat with all the forms and guidance for pre-approval of limited-time cash rebates from Duke Energy’s “Smart $aver Incentives” program and federal tax incentives.

“The use of energy-efficient equipment enables your business to improve its bottom line by reducing energy consumption,” says Carolina LED. “Smart $aver incentives help lower the costs associated with upgrades.”

“Carolina LED’s tagline is ‘Achieving lower costs and a brighter environment™,’” the company adds. “To these Laundromat owners, the ‘brighter environment’ is a business value added, because they’ve noticed that patrons tend to revisit more often when it appears brighter in [the store].”


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