Miami Boy Survives Tumble in Coin Laundry Washer

Paul Partyka |

MIAMI — A seven-year-old Miami boy spent several days in the hospital after accidentally getting caught in a washer at a coin laundry. The boy, who suffered some back and facial bruises, was rushed to the hospital where he received some stitches. Doctors say he didn't suffer any brain damage. The boy, Timothy Clark, was playing with his four-year-old sister when he crawled into the washer, thinking the machine was broken. He became trapped as the door closed and it started to fill with water. His mother, Saroco Black, said this happened when she was turned away for a moment to feed her youngest child.After her daughter yelled for help, Black, with the help of two men, was able to pull the door open and free her son. The boy was rushed to Ryder Trauma Center. Black told Bay News 9 that she might sue the coin laundry for not unplugging the machine.

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