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Longtime Industry Veteran Birchfield Retires

Had been Vend-Rite Mfg. salesman since 1999

CHICAGO — Herald Birchfield, a laundry veteran with nearly a half-century of industry experience, has decided to retire, says vending equipment manufacturer Vend-Rite Mfg., his final employer.

Birchfield started selling washers and dryers in the 1970s. He and his wife, Nancy, ran the Maytag commercial laundry division of Ahrens & McCarren in St. Louis, Missouri, until joining Vend-Rite in 1999.

“I sold Vend-Rite’s soap venders to my customers for years, so when Vend-Rite had an opening, I took it,” Birchfield says in a company press release. “I have really enjoyed being able to work with the distributors and the store owners.”

His passion for the industry made retirement a difficult decision, Vend-Rite says, but at age 76, Birchfield has decided to slow down and spend more time with his wife and family.

“I’ve enjoyed all the relationships I have in this industry and will miss seeing all my friends on the road during show season, but it’s time,” Birchfield says.

He and his wife reside in Lakeland, Florida, Vend-Rite adds.