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Laundry Owners Warehouse Welcomes Gonzalez to Staff

Brings 42 years of experience in delivering equipment, supplies

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. — Commercial laundry equipment distributor Laundry Owners Warehouse, in furthering its commitment to provide quality services and better solutions, reports it has hired industry veteran Robert Gonzalez as a foreman for growth and quality elevation in services.

“With over 42 years of experience in delivering laundry equipment and supplies, Robert is a perfect fit to spearhead change and expansion of Laundry Owners Warehouse’s services,” says owner Joshua Prager. “His expertise in managing commercial laundry distribution comes decorated with multiple ‘Distributor of the Year’ accolades. The network and fresh perspective that he brings will help Laundry Owners Warehouse explore more opportunities and avenues in the coming time.

“This strategic partnership comes at a very exciting time for Laundry Owners Warehouse. In the recent years, the company has been achieving new heights of quality and excellence. With a large collection of commercial laundry equipment and supplies and a strong team offering support, Laundry Owners Warehouse is quickly becoming a favorite of Laundromat owners and customers alike,” Prager adds.