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LaundroLab Franchise Pursues Growth

Principals say new spin concept is gaining momentum

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Since its launch, principals at LaundroLab say the franchise is continuing to roll into fresh markets, swirling up attention as an “industry disruptor.” Even in the midst of a post-pandemic economy, the concept is expanding. In 2021 alone, it has signed on a number of franchisees, tallying up some 17 new units, with other candidates in the wings, company officials report.

“Let’s face it, there’s a general stain on people’s perception of typical laundromats,” says LaundroLab President and co-founder Dan D’Aquisto. “We’ve heard it all: ‘They’re dirty … they don’t feel safe … they’re boring.’ Sad thing is, so many people still heavily depend on their offerings — they just dread going there.”

This motivated D’Aquisto and partner Alex Smereczniak to try to redefine the “coin laundry” experience. In 2016, they opened 2ULaundry, a laundry and drycleaning pickup and delivery service. In 2018, they built their first laundromat to support their service’s growth, using the venture to fine-tune operational structure and put a creative marketing plan in place. In 2020, they pulled the curtain back on their LaundroLab vision.

Today, the North Carolina-based franchise has dialed up inventiveness. Each LaundroLab location offers a vibrant space, bubbling over with safety features, state-of-the-art Electrolux equipment, payment technology, and amenities to pass the time.

For new franchisee Clint Gulley — who plans to launch five LaundroLabs in south Florida — the semi-absentee model comes with plenty of ROI potential.

“It truly distinguishes itself from other laundromats through its technology, cleanliness and overall customer experience — people are comfortable when they come in,” Gulley says.

Stephanie and John Fry are slated to open three LaundroLab locations in the Tampa, Florida, area. They learned of the concept during a franchising webinar.

“We had already looked at a bunch of different franchises and distributors,” Stephanie Fry says. “We even considered purchasing an existing laundromat, but when we met the team at LaundroLab, we knew it was exactly what we wanted.”

The Frys say they appreciated the detail put into making each location safe. Features like big-screen security monitors, bright lighting, and onsite attendants resonated with them. At the same time, they felt the perks of a full entertainment section — complete with flatscreen TVs, free Wi-Fi, video games, vending machines, and even a children’s play area — helped keep laundry from being seen as a task.

LaundroLab has other franchisee stories like these to tell, and are looking to create more.

“Going forward, the plan is for aggressive, strategic expansion throughout the country,” says D’Aquisto.

LaundroLab Franchise Launches

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