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E-Networking Is the New Road to Success

In today’s economic environment, there’s nothing more important than getting exposure for your businesses and getting a competitive edge. Most laundry owners are doing absolutely nothing, other than sitting like a deer looking into the headlights of an oncoming car, waiting to get run over.Getting run over is exactly what’s going to happen if you don’t get out there and become part of the new social networking that today’s successful business owners are using to build their businesses both locally and globally.I have spoken to all of you about being part of your local chamber of commerce, which is critical, but here are a few other ideas that you should adapt. They can give you the exposure to grab the business you need to sustain and grow your bottom line.

  • Create a website specifically for your laundry.
  • Start a Facebook page.
  • Open a Twitter account.
  • Start a Myspace page.
  • Create an e-mail address for your laundry customers to contact you.
  • Start a weekly/monthly newsletter.

The new age of communication is the information superhighway. This gives you the opportunity to grow your customer base much more rapidly and virally link you to hundreds of thousands of people all over your city and beyond. Remember that accessibility is the key to opening doors, and in being accessible, you can break open those doors with more business than you ever dreamed possible.REACHING OUT TO THE COMMUNITYJust like in the political arena, you need to reach out and be a champion of true change so that you can help take better care of your family, your neighbors, your community and beyond.Now, you might be thinking, “What does this mean?” When you run for office, one strategy for getting votes is to impact kids, because when you get the kids you get the parents, and when you get the parents, you get the votes.The same thing applies here. Let’s say you reached out to all the local schools and offered a career day, teaching and showing all the students what it’s like to be a business owner. Let’s also say that every week you bring in kids from various schools and grade levels to your store, teaching them how to run a business.When the kids leave, they and their parents get coupons to come back and visit your laundry. This also gives you exposure to many who have likely never been in your laundry prior to that visit. What an opportunity to shine!While this tip will put you in front of thousands of kids and their parents, imagine what it’s like when the kids look at you as a celebrity and the parents and teachers are thankful for your helping the schools and community! This is priceless, and it costs you virtually nothing, but the return for your time and effort is plentiful.Those of you who dare to be the leader of your community by giving this a try will be adding me to your Christmas list, I’m sure.E-networking is just one more way to make yourself available to your community, especially among young people.THIS IS A PEOPLE BUSINESSMany existing laundry owners are introverts, and this is not healthy for business. Those of you who aren’t afraid to get out and do the necessary networking will be very happy you listened to me.I’ve developed many laundries nationally and abroad, and my book, From the Barrio to the Board Room, was launched both nationally and internationally. I share this with you because I have been there and done it, so take my experience and use it to benefit you and your family. I speak from experience when I tell you that e-networking is the new road to success.I look forward to seeing all of you on the information highway. See you at the top! 

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