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Doll Retiring from Mountain Electronics

Business credits her customer service skills as ‘big factor’ in its growth

BURNSVILLE, N.C. — On May 12, Lucy Doll will retire from Mountain Electronics after 13 years of service there. Her colleagues at the commercial laundry electronics repair business affectionately know her as “The Customer Service Queen of the Universe.”

In 2009, the clinic that Doll was working for was closing, so she posted a classified ad in her local newspaper that read, “Now taking applications from employers....” Whitney Brasington, CEO of Mountain Electronics, wrote Lucy a letter that read in part, “You sound exactly like the kind of person we’re looking for.”

Doll started her customer service career as a long-distance operator in Wisconsin at age 17, right out of high school. All the jobs she’s worked since then—in Georgia; Virginia; Washington, D.C.; Florida; and at clinics in North Carolina—honed her ability to help people from many regions and cultures find what they needed.

Having worked for large corporations including Wisconsin Telephone, Mercer University in Atlanta, and the National Theatre in Washington, Doll wasn’t sure that Mountain Electronics—which she’d never heard of—would be able to sustain her career path. But the small company in a remote mountain town turned out to be the perfect fit.

With her affinity for serving her local community, whether it be a benefit for the Lions Club, the public library, or another nonprofit organization, Doll enjoys contributing to an atmosphere that advocates hard work, creativity and fun.

“I have never before worked for a company that treated me as well in every way,” Doll says of Mountain Electronics. “They truly appreciate the talents their employees bring with them.”

She says she wants her long-time customers to know that she misses them already, and that they shouldn’t be surprised if she shows up to say hello now that she’ll have time for her favorite hobby: road-tripping.

Doll has always gone above and beyond for customers, says Mountain Electronics, crediting her dedicated service as a “big factor” in its growth and success.

In preparation for her retirement, Whitney and Adalaya Brasington are training two new representatives, Suzette Morey and Caitlyn Rhodes, to carry on the company’s customer service tradition.

Doll Retiring from Mountain Electronics

Lucy Doll, known for her customer service skills, is retiring from commercial laundry electronics repair firm Mountain Electronics (its corporate logo is shown) after 13 years with the company. (Photo: Mountain Electronics)

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