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Curbside Laundries, Setomatic Integrate Systems

Streamlines operations while enhancing customer experience, companies say

LONG BEACH, Calif. — Wash-and-fold software developer Curbside Laundries reports that it has integrated with Setomatic Systems’ SpyderWash payment system, enabling customers using SpyderWash cards to pay for items at the Curbside Laundries POS system.

“Customers love the convenience SpyderWash offers, as customers want cashless payment options directly on the washer/dryer,” says Matthew Simmons of Curbside Laundries. “The synergy of the Curbside Laundries and SpyderWash integration streamlines operations for the store owner, and the customer experience has been greatly enhanced, too.”

“We are thrilled to announce our integration with Curbside Laundries POS,” says Setomatic-SpyderWash Vice President Gregg Schantz. “We have many mutual customers utilizing both the Curbside and SpyderWash platform, therefore this was a natural fit to help store owners and customers alike.”

One of those store owners is Harry Hamilton of Lucky Oak Laundry, Atascadero, Calif., who says he’s been using Curbside Laundries POS and SpyderWash for years. Customers previously had to pay the attendant with cash or a credit card but can now pay using SpyderWash loyalty cards.

“I am always impressed by the quantity, quality and frequency of software improvements in Curbside Laundries’ platform,” Hamilton says. “The latest is this integration with SpyderWash. Now customers can trade in their last $20 to buy a loyalty card and still buy the soap they forgot to bring! It’s just one more feature that enables the business owner to run a customer-centered store.”

Curbside Laundries, Setomatic Integrate Systems

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