Continental Girbau Honors 2013 Distributors of the Year


Russ Arbuckle, president of Wholesale Commercial Laundry Equipment S.E., accepts Continental Girbau’s 2013 USA Distributor of the Year Award during the equipment manufacturer’s Profit Symposium. Pictured (from left) are Joel Jorgensen, Continental vice president of sales and customer services; Mike Floyd, Continental president; Arbuckle; and Ed Ziegler, Continental sales manager – Eastern U.S. and Canada. (Photo: Continental Girbau)


Elite Business Investments Corp. recently received Continental Girbau’s 2013 Vended Laundry Distributor of the Year Award. Pictured (from left) are Joel Jorgensen, Continental vice president of sales and customer services; Tod Sorensen, Continental sales manager – Western U.S. and Canada; David and Carol Dang, owners of Elite Business Investments Corp.; and Mike Floyd, Continental president. (Photo: Continental Girbau)

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OSHKOSH, Wis. — Equipment manufacturer Continental Girbau recently named its 2013 Distributors of the Year, honoring Wholesale Commercial Laundry Equipment S.E., Southside, Ala., as USA Distributor of the Year; Coronet Equipment Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta, as Canadian Distributor of the Year; and Elite Business Investments Corp., Van Nuys, Calif., as Vended Laundry Distributor of the Year.

Owned by Russ Arbuckle, Wholesale Commercial Laundry Equipment S.E. is a full-service distributorship offering laundry equipment, installation technical service, parts and customer service throughout Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and portions of Florida and Tennessee.

“Wholesale excelled in all areas of vended and on-premise laundry distribution this year,” says Joel Jorgensen, Continental Girbau vice president of sales and customer services. “Continental has worked with Russ since the beginning, and he has evolved into a great business leader and laundry professional for his customers.”

Regarding Coronet Equipment, Jorgensen says, “The Rosen family and Coronet are focused on service and they perform at an incredibly high level through some of the most remote areas of Canada. They effectively serve the bigger metropolitan area, as well as the camp sites located in the Northern Territories.”  

Coronet Equipment handles Continental on-premise and coin laundry equipment distribution, and Girbau Industrial sales, in Saskatchewan and the Northern Territories, assisting in vended laundry site selection, financing, equipment, store layout and management, according to Continental Girbau. The company also helps evaluate and design on-premises laundries.

Elite Business Investments Corp. specializes in business sales and acquisitions, coin laundry brokering, consulting and development, as well as vended laundry equipment sales and store remodeling, according to Continental Girbau.

Continental Girbau and Continental Girbau West have enjoyed a longstanding partnership with owners David and Carol Dang, according to Jorgensen. “They provide top-notch investment and brokerage services, as well as vended laundry equipment, to the Southern California market.”


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