Companies Team Laundry Monitoring System with Electronic Lock

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WALTHAM, Mass. — Mac-Gray Corp. is teaming its LaundryView laundry room monitoring system with Medeco’s NEXGEN XT electronic lock to provide dual security for washer and dryer coin boxes and laundry card add-value stations.

The system virtually eliminates the risk associated with unauthorized use of keys, the companies say, and also provide clients subscribing to the service with reporting on all collections and attempts to access coin boxes or money vaults.

“We make a large investment in security and our decision to partner with Medeco in the deployment of their NEXGEN XT electronic lock has been based on a careful analysis by our Strategic Insight Group on its benefits for our clients,” says Stewart MacDonald, Mac-Gray’s CEO. “Combining it with our LaundryView monitoring system adds unparalleled security to the industry’s most transparent financial reporting.”

Mac-Gray will connect its proprietary system with Medeco software to centrally manage coin and cash collections on a secure website. In conjunction with the electronic locks, the system enables complete control of all connected locks and the ability to audit, control and report on all activity associated with the locks.

“We are excited to work with Mac-Gray and bring our two technologies together,” says Mark Imhof, director of Engineered Security Solutions for Medeco. “Their vision for protecting their customers’ financial interests fits well with the benefits provided by our NEXGEN XT system, and their initiative to provide security and transparency through the LaundryView system is unique in their industry.”


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