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CCI, Curbside Laundries Integrate Systems for Laundry Management

Payment and point-of-sale solutions now working together

ADDISON, Ill. — Curbside Laundries has integrated its wash-and-fold point-of-sale system with Card Concepts Inc.’s (CCI) LaundryCard and FasCard payment solutions, the companies report, enabling laundromats across the country to centralize purchases, account balances, refunds, reporting and more.

CCI says it has always focused on laundry owner success and been dedicated to helping grow and improve laundromats through innovation and integration.

“We know that the Curbside team is as passionate as CCI about facilitating laundry owners’ success, and their commitment to this integration is one more example,” says Steve Marcionetti, president of CCI. “Curbside’s integration with LaundryCard and FasCard products will ensure that our mutual operators will have the tools they need to enhance the customer experience and grow their businesses.”

Laundromat customers who visit the counter to purchase items can now use their LaundryCard or FasCard to pay, says Curbside Laundries.

“The integration between our point of sale and CCI’s payment solutions optimizes the customer experience,” says Matthew Simmons, founder of Curbside Laundries. “We know customers have balances on their laundry cards and they want to be able to spend it without digging back into their wallet.”

“I am super excited about the integration of CCI’s FasCard with Curbside Laundries’ POS software,” says Dan Melendy of SpinZone Laundry. “We use FasCard at all four of our locations in Austin, Texas, because we like offering customers the choice between card, coin, or a hybrid of both. Now, customers will have the ability to pay at the counter with their loyalty rewards cards, too.”

CCI, Curbside Laundries Integrate Systems for Laundry Management

(Graphic: CCI and Curbside Laundries)

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