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ACI Recommends Adding Laundry Products to EPA Programs

Offered input on potential expansion of Safer Choice, DfE certifications

WASHINGTON — The American Cleaning Institute (ACI) recommends new product categories—liquid laundry packets, dissolvable laundry sheets and microbial-based cleaners—be added to the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) potential expansion of its Safer Choice and Design for the Environment (DfE) programs.

The EPA programs allow companies to get an agency-approved label if their products are proven to meet stringent health and environmental safety criteria. That label is used by consumers and helps to guide purchases made for schools and other institutions.

“ACI members benefit from the Safer Choice Program Certification because it represents a high level of achievement in formulating products made with safer ingredients for consumers and the environment,” writes Darius Stanton, director, Regulatory Science and Innovation, ACI.

“By the Safer Choice Program expanding the certification to new product categories, it will continue to drive innovation within the cleaning/disinfecting/sanitizing industry and beyond and help consumers, businesses and purchasers find products that perform and contain safer ingredients for human health and the environment.”

Among the product categories’ attributes ACI cited:

  • Liquid laundry packets are an efficient and sustainable product category due to the decrease in raw materials and water used for product formulation. Because they are pre-packaged, they help consumers ensure they use the correct measurement of detergent per washload.
  • Dissolvable laundry sheets eliminate water consumption and waste generation.
  • Microbial-based cleaners are seeing greater use due to the benefits microorganisms provide to cleaning uses. They assist with odor mitigation and can clean deep cracks and crevices.

The ACI submitted its written comments as part of a “stakeholder engagement opportunity” for public input that ended Monday.

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