Building New vs. Rehabbing

Carl Graham, VP of sales for distributor Scott Equipment, compares and contrasts the two approaches to store creation.

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Hiring and Retaining Good Workers in a Tough Labor Market

Jim Radovic and Tim Gill In a truly competitive job market, a laundromat owner's ability to hire well has never been more vital. Multi-store owners Jim Radovic and Tim Gill share their approaches to hiring and retaining good workers in this episode.

Bigger Capacity Can Deliver Bigger Results

Alliance Laundry Systems’ Mike Hand describes how offering large-capacity equipment can help decrease turnover plus attract customers eager to clean bulky items their home equipment can’t handle.

Complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act

New York City attorney Eric Sarver describes the ADA, identifies store areas most deserving of ownership attention, and warns of the problems that noncompliance could bring.

Staying on a Maintenance Schedule

Planning for and properly executing a preventative maintenance program keeps a laundry's money makers up and running. Michael "Stucky" Szczotka of distributor Eagle Star Equipment describes what's involved and the benefits.

Learning What the Customer Wants

Kristyn Van Ostern, co-owner of laundry services company Wash Street, details putting in the effort needed to know what type of people her laundry's customers are and why they visit her store instead of others nearby.

Making the Most of Attending a Trade Show

Greg Jira Greg Jira, show director for The Clean Show, owned by Messe Frankfurt, suggests how you can gain the greatest benefit from attending any industry trade show, and previews Clean 2022 coming up in July in Atlanta.