Whirlpool Honors Mac-Gray for Commitment to Conservation

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WALTHAM, Mass. — Mac-Gray Corp. has once again been awarded Whirlpool’s Energy Advantage Award, the third time the company has received the honor since the award began in 2006.

“We are delighted to have been selected to receive this prestigious award, which reflects our strong commitment to both technology innovation and environmental sustainability,” says Stewart D. MacDonald, Mac-Gray CEO. “We believe that an environmentally friendly approach to business and cost-effective customer solutions are not mutually exclusive.”

Mac-Gray deployed the most ENERGY STAR®-rated washers and dryers of any Whirlpool distributor in 2011, Mac-Gray says. “Mac-Gray remains the top provider of laundry facilities management to colleges and universities as a direct result of our well-established position as a ‘green’ company,” MacDonald adds.

“Whirlpool Corp. is pleased to announce this award,” says Robert English, Whirlpool’s general manager of Global Commercial Laundry. “Mac-Gray stands out as a company dedicated to energy conservation. They have long been the industry leader when it comes to the conversion of laundry facilities from coin to their various card technology platforms, reducing both operational expenses and the CO2 emissions associated with the collection of coins, while increasing customer satisfaction.”


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