Washer-Extractor Controls Add Efficiency, Management Options

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NEW ORLEANS — Choose almost any aisle on the Clean Show exhibit floor, and there’s a high probability that efficiency and modernization are on the minds of attendees. To meet this demand, Speed Queen and Huebsch are displaying their newest control platforms for washer-extractors.The Speed Queen Quantum control platform comes in three levels.

  • Standard — includes an 85-G-force extract (100 G-force on the 80-pound model), two water levels, and four cycles.
  • Silver — includes a high-speed 140-G-force extract, PC/PDA programming capability, advanced audit data, three water levels, nine cycles, time-of-day pricing, and multi-level vending.
  • Gold — includes the 140-G-force extract, PC/PDA programming, and audit data, plus 30 water levels programmable by individual step, multi-level vending, a network option, 27 cycles, and a power-saving mode.

The Huebsch Galaxy control platform also comes in three levels.

  • 200 — includes 85-G-force extract, four cycles and two water levels.
  • 400 — includes 100-G-force extract, PC/PDA programming, audit data, eight cycles, and three water levels.
  • 600 — includes 140-G-force extract; multi-level pricing, time-of-day pricing, PC/PDA programming, audit data, 30 water levels, and 24 cycles.

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