Two Women Charged with Public Indecency in Laundry

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CHATSWORTH, Ga. — Two women arrested for urinating on the floor of the Chatsworth, Ga., Coin Laundry claim they both have health problems that caused them to resort to those measures after they found the bathroom at the store unusable.Shannon Bennett, 38, and Judy Irene Darnell, 34, told The Daily Citizen that they’re “embarrassed” by the incident.“They decided to just drop their britches and pee in the floor,” Chatsworth Police Chief Terry Martin told the newspaper after the owner of the coin laundry saw the women urinating on the floor and smoking in a no-smoking area on surveillance video.Bennett claimed that a car wreck that she was in at age 27 left her with injuries that affect control of her bladder, and when she saw that the bathroom was unusable, she lost control of her bladder before she was able to make it outside.Darnell was injured earlier this year in a fall and has two ruptured disks, an injury that also affects her bladder control, she told The Daily Citizen.Both women were charged with public indecency and smoking in a public place, and the cases will be heard in Municipal Court in Chatsworth. 

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