TV’s ‘America’s Most Wanted’ Joins Hunt for Laundromat Robber


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MILFORD, Mass. — The Lifetime TV series America’s Most Wanted recently featured the case of an early-morning Laundromat robbery on its program.

Just after 6 a.m. on Jan. 3, an unidentified male smashed the front door of Village Laundromat with a large hammer, and then threatened to hit the clerk if she didn’t open the safe and hand over the money. The suspect, identified by police as a white male, fled after stealing the money.

While security cameras recorded the incident, the suspect’s face was covered. He was wearing an olive green or gray jacket with a light strip around the sleeve, and carried a black backpack with a yellow construction hat strapped to the top.

America’s Most Wanted asks anyone having information about this crime to call its national hotline, 800-CRIME-TV. Locally, Milford police have an anonymous tip line, 508-473-3800.

Surveillance video of the break-in, courtesy of Milford Police, can be viewed below:


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