Tide Recruits Telenovela Star for Product Launch


telenovela star Jencarlos Canela
Telenovela star Jencarlos Canela. (Photo: Procter & Gamble)

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CINCINNATI — Tide has recruited telenovela star Jencarlos Canela to show Hispanic consumers the brand’s new Tide® Pods™, a three-chamber unit dose laundry detergent that brightens, cleans and fight stains in one.

Consumers will have the chance to meet Canela on April 3 at a Los Angeles Laundromat to get a glance at the product benefits. The singer and actor has already made some surprise visits to Miami-area laundries as part of the product launch.

“I’m very happy to represent Tide and to be able to reach my friends for the launch of this innovative product,” says Canela. “At home, we’re already using Tide Pods, the future of laundry, and I noticed that it is very easy to use because with one single ‘pac’ you can obtain in your clothes brightness, cleanness and fight stains; everything in the palm of your hand.”

Tide Pods are available at select retail outlets.


Bad Idea

These things do not work well in Laundromats. Even in a home style front load wash machine. When customers put them in the soap compartment they clog it and even if the pass thru they will not get pass the tub. they would cause nothing but problems and you would have to educate to many customers to put it in with there clothing. Way to go Tide Not everyone has or uses top load washers.


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