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Tide Introduces Full-Service, On-Demand Laundry Solution

Commits to having 2,000 U.S. locations by end of 2020

CINCINNATI — Residents of hundreds of cities around the country will soon see the launch of Tide Cleaners, an on-demand laundry and drycleaning service aimed at “giving people the option to spend more time on life and less time doing laundry.”

Time is becoming an increasingly valuable commodity for consumers everywhere, Tide says, and the demand for services meant to make everyday life more efficient continues to rise.

“Many people believe that in order to get laundry done right, they have to do it themselves,” says Sundar Raman, vice president of P&G’s North American Fabric Care business. “Tide is taking this challenge head-on and aiming to give people clean, cared-for clothes and some time back.”

The new service will complement Tide’s existing business. The company is committed to doubling the size of its current out-of-home laundry footprint by the end of 2020, making Tide Cleaners services available in more than 2,000 locations nationwide.

At launch, the Tide Cleaners business model provides a wide range of solutions for city-dwellers, suburban families and students alike, including drop boxes in urban locations, 24-hour stores, on-campus van delivery, and drop boxes in existing retailers.

Nearly a decade ago, Tide built upon its existing laundry business by entering into dry cleaning and has since made several acquisitions in wash and fold services to meet the needs of the 26 million American households currently using shared facilities or outsourcing laundry.

“For many people, the closest laundry room is 20 floors down or 10 blocks down the street,” says Raman. “Whether you’re one of the millions of people living in a high-rise apartment building or you’re juggling college classes, we know taking care of your clothes may not always be convenient. Our goal with Tide Cleaners is to help people’s increasingly busy lives revolve more around what matters, and less around their laundry.”

Tide Cleaners brings Tide’s 75-year history of superior cleaning to the out-of-home laundry market through exclusive formulas and services only available through Tide Cleaners, including color restoration for faded garments and unique formula designs meant to help keep clothes looking newer, longer.

“Our focus has been and will always be to help our consumers get the confidence that comes from clean clothes,” says Raman. “We’re committed to providing people everywhere with a Tide clean, and the personalized care they get from doing their own laundry, whether they want to get that clean at home, or with the new convenience that Tide Cleaners will provide.”

Consumers, building managers, interested franchisees and retailers can request that Tide Cleaners consider opening a location in their city, building, or on their campus by going to