Survey: Politicians Ignore Small-Business Concerns

Paul Partyka |

CHICAGO — Now that the political conventions have wrapped up, do you intend to become active in any particular national or local campaign? If not, you are not alone. Only about one quarter of all small-business owners have donated time or money to a candidate this year, according to the Small Business Watch survey conducted by Discover Financial Services.Fifty-three percent of small-business owners do not believe the 2008 election has provided a forum for small-business owners to be heard by the candidates while 33% weren’t sure. Only 14% believe small-business issues are being heard on the campaign trail.The economy continues to rank as the most important issue for small-business owners during this presidential election year. Forty-three percent of owners believe that the economy is the No. 1 issue for this year’s candidates. Other top issues that ranked a distant second include: national security (11%), health care (10%) and the war in Iraq (10%).Nearly three out of four small-business owners, 72%, do not offer health care to their employees. In addition, 70% of owners say finding affordable health care for themselves and their employees is very or somewhat difficult.Have you ever thought about putting your washers and dryers on the back burner and running for office? Seventy-five percent of small-business owners say they would never consider running for office.

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