Survey: Operators Putting in their Fair Share of Time

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CHICAGO — How many hours a week do you spend at your store(s)? Do laundry-related tasks interrupt holidays, days off, etc.? For some of you, it’s definitely a long week at the laundry. Seventy-three percent of respondents spend up to 40 hours a week at their laundry, according to the most recent Wire survey. The most popular response is 21 to 40 hours a week. Eleven percent spend 51 to 60 hours a week at the laundry, while 15.4% spend more than 60 hours a week at their business.Forty-one percent of respondents have a laundry manager.With all the weekend hustle and bustle at laundries, it’s not surprising that 96% of respondents spend at least part of their weekends on laundry-related tasks. A high percentage (81%) of respondents also spend part of their nights on work-related tasks. Two-thirds of respondents tend to laundry business on their days off, and 63% get wrapped up in laundry business on holidays. However, only 29.6% let laundry-related tasks cut in on “family time.”Is it hard to get away from your store(s)? Do you feel guilty about taking any type of traditional vacation? It’s a split decision. Fifty-two percent of respondents will spend a week or more away from their laundry, while 48% say they won’t spend a week or longer away from their business.In a competitive coin laundry market, what can give your store the edge? It’s long been believed that an on-premise operator can give an edge to a laundry. Most respondents agree. Three out of four respondents believe their presence at the store improves business. Only 3.7% disagree with this, and 22.2% are not sure if their presence improves business in any way.Owners might feel less inclined to spend so many hours at the laundry if they were able to keep an eye on things from a remote location. Two-thirds of the respondents have some type of surveillance equipment at their store(s). However, only 27% of those respondents have the capability to monitor store activity at their home. 

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