Survey: Are You Happy With Your Equipment?

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CHICAGO — Are you satisfied with your laundry’s equipment mix? Sixty-one percent of respondents are happy with their equipment mix, according to the latest Wire survey, however, if given a chance to change one thing, operators desired more 40- to 50-pound washers.While more than half of the respondents are happy with their equipment mix, 28% of respondents are unhappy with their mix, and 11% are not sure how they feel about their mix.Top loaders are still a part of many laundries. Slightly more than 83% of respondents have them.What is the key equipment trend in your area? Twenty-two percent of respondents say customers are flocking to larger-capacity dryers, and the same number say customers are not using smaller (18- and 25-pound) washers as much. Other answers include “customers are flocking to larger (75-pound plus) washers,” 17%; “customers are flocking to 40- and 50-pound washers,” 16%; and “customers want more top loaders,” 5.6%. Eleven percent don’t see any new equipment trends.While the No. 1 “wish list” item for respondents is adding more 40- to 50-pound washers, a variety of equpment is desired. There was nearly a three-way tie for the second most popular response between “I would add more large (75-pound plus) washers,” “I would add more larger 75-pound single or 45-pound stack dryers,” and “I wouldn’t change a thing at my store.”Nearly 59% of respondents evaluate their equipment mix every year. 

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