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Staying Focused During Trying Times

CHICAGO — I know that, given today’s economic climate, it is hard to stay focused and on your game. The challenges are mentally exhausting, and it sometimes feels like someone has literally punched you in the gut, but remember this: “The greater the struggle, the greater the victory.”

When you map out your game plan and push forward, don’t be afraid to shift and adapt your course, because you don’t ever want to become “trapped.”

Many times we allow ourselves to believe that we have limited skills, and that the job we normally do to make our living is who we are when, in fact, that is only what we do.

The skill set that God has given you is far greater than you could ever imagine. Allow yourself to think outside the box and see yourself in a place you might otherwise never have imagined.

I admit that I struggle with staying focused from time to time. Regardless of what’s happening in our lives, staying focused and remaining determined to win/succeed is and must always be the goal and objective.

I have spent about 20-plus years as a commercial coin laundry consultant building and selling Laundromats, and now an international author. I can tell you firsthand that if you’re willing to put in the time, commit yourself to your goal and remain focused, you can and will overcome seemingly impossible obstacles.

People don’t fail in life because they aim high and miss, they fail because they aim too low and hit. Raise the bar, believe in yourself, get out there and pursue your dream, for you and your family.

Use your resources, create the road map, and then follow the plan. Trust me, you can be anybody you want to be!

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