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Statewide Laundry Unveils Video Series for Investors

Distributor’s clips to focus on experiences opening new stores

HIALEAH, Fla. — Statewide Laundry Equipment, a regional laundry equipment distributor serving Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas, reports it has launched a new video series about the investors and owner/operators that utilize its services.

The Investors Talk Series focuses on the investors’ experiences when opening their own Laundromats, and educates other potential investors on the benefits of opening their own.

The first video in the series premiered in April and focuses on Xiaoyan Shao and her Oasis Laundry, which she opened in Sanford, Florida, in 2015. In the brief clip, Shao discusses the Speed Queen laundry equipment in her store, the location buildout, customer experience, and how Statewide assisted in making the process a smooth one for her.

Statewide consultant Rusty Parks also appears in the video, explaining the step-by-step process behind preparing for and working with investors like Shao to open Laundromats in the Southeast.

Statewide says it’s always looking for new ways to educate and attract potential investors who may be interested in opening stores. The video series is just another forward-thinking way to provide educational content on its services while bringing more awareness to a technologically changing industry, the company says.