Researchers Polling Laundry Owners About Coin Production Issues


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JOHNSTOWN, Pa. — Concurrent Technologies Corp. (CTC) has been contracted by the United States Mint to conduct research and development for more economical alternative metallic materials for the production of circulating coins, and owners of coin laundries are among the stakeholder groups it is polling.

“CTC will undertake studies to identify issues with current coinage materials and recommend potential alternative metallic materials for future coins,” says Dr. Joseph R. Pickens, CTC chief scientist and technical lead for the two-year contract. “Our metallurgists will consider a wide range of coinage alloys and fabrication processes and propose their best recommendations to the United States Mint.”

CTC will address various factors, including the acceptability of new metallic materials; costs of metallic material, fabrication, minting, and distribution; metallic material availability and sourcing; durability; effect on sorting, handling, packaging and vending machines; appearance; resistance to counterfeiting; and commercial and public acceptance.


The American quarter

The American quarter has been the coin for laundromats for years why change something that is good. Here is a reason so you can make the small laundromat owners go and buy new equipment for their stores when what they had was perfectly fine. So here is an idea just leave it the way it is.
This is from every independent coin laundry owner in the UNITED STATES!
WE like things the way they are so don't change a thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

New coins

If we change the US currency then the owner small & large will have the same problems and cost. In Canada their currency is a night mare because they have in circulation 3 distinct different quarter electronic signatures, 2 distinct $1.00 coins (Lonnies) and 2 distinct $2.00 coins (Toonies) electronic signatures now. All the coin acceptor manufactures will also have major expenses with engineering and designing of new acceptors to accommodate the different signatures, diameters and weights so the owners can accept coins as well as getting them into production to supply the owners.

If the US government wants to save money in the short term and long term as well as reduce the national debt then drop the $1.00 bill and the US penny should be dropped from circulation. This would have the least impact to owners and manufactures alike in all industries. The alternative to the owners will be switching to one of the many different card system and drop coins altogether. How would the government and federal reserve like that?

Just my two tokens worth.

Mike Oliver


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