Reasons to Partner with Distributor in Making Store Choices (Conclusion)


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Experienced firm can help ensure layout is comfortable, convenient for customers

RIPON, Wis. — Whether you are opening a new store or rehabbing and retooling an existing location, there are many decisions to be made. From determining the right equipment mix and best layout to the overall aesthetics and design, your laundry equipment distributor can serve as a trusted resource and partner to help you make these important choices that will have an impact on your business operation.

With their experience and knowledge of the industry, there are many reasons you should turn to your distributor for support. If you are partnering with a top-notch distributor, he or she will truly be invested in you and your Laundromat – not only when your store is open for business, but from the early planning stages to ultimately help set you up for success, as well as assist with ongoing business needs.

Here in our conclusion is the third reason why your distributor can be your best resource to help design a winning Laundromat.


Many Laundromat owners do not have a background or experience in construction and design. The initial stages of planning and concepting their store design can seem overwhelming, which is why they should turn to their distributor.

Not only do distributors have the experience of building and remodeling hundreds of Laundromats over the years, it is something they are skilled at and enjoy doing.

“One of the most important factors for determining the best store layout is ensuring that it allows customers to use the equipment as comfortably and conveniently as possible,” says George Pierce, president of Pierce Commercial Laundry Distributors, a Huebsch® distributor based in Mandeville, La.

Having your distributor help with the design of your store doesn’t mean that your ideas and vision won’t be implemented; instead, your distributor will work with you to ensure that your store ends up looking the way you want it to look.

“I handle the initial designs for my customers, and I love it when they have a concept for their Laundromats already in mind,” shares Pierce. “The experience is really enjoyable when we work together and see their ideas come to life. We’re also there to share our advice if we think certain choices won’t benefit their customer’s experience or if it will be too costly to implement.”

Your distributor will serve as a trusted resource and help you through all stages of the store design – from the early planning to developing construction plans to working and communicating with the contractor on a daily basis.

“We are there to guide, advise and recommend a plan that will ultimately help their business succeed,” adds Pierce.

For both new stores and retools, a distributor will develop a design for the store and then work directly with all of the necessary parties that help build the store, such as the contractor, plumber and electrician.

“Our customers are involved throughout the build and construction of the Laundromat, but we are able to handle the day-to-day communication, meet the contractors onsite and help with pricing quotes so that our customers stay within their budgets,” says Pierce. “This can be especially helpful for a store owner who already owns a Laundromat or has another job because they can have a more hands-off role and focus on their other responsibilities.”


From equipment advancements to adding ancillary services, Laundromats have undergone many improvements in recent years to improve the customer experience and help earn additional revenue for store owners.

“Through our years of experience, we know how to keep up with this constantly evolving industry,” says Pierce. “We can help our customers understand when it is time to transition to new equipment, as well as modernize their store design so that it is a place customers want to spend their time in.”

The knowledge your distributor provides is invaluable. They are truly a partner who will continue to support you once your newly designed store is open and ready for business.

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