Preventive Maintenance: A Year-Round Challenge

Lee Ferguson |

CHICAGO — Have you had a chance to put together your maintenance calendar? In the last column, Preventive Maintenance: It’s All in the Routine, I mentioned some wintertime tasks that needed to be dealt with.Don’t forget to check on the makeup air behind your dryers. There are ways to control the makeup air. Make sure each dryer has sufficient airflow by removing the front panels and cleaning out the excess lint and debris from the burner boxes, out of the electrical control panels and from around the drum. While you’re spending some time with the dryers, don’t forget to thoroughly clean the lower lint compartment.NEW TASKSIf you’re eager to stay on top of things, there are plenty of tasks to keep an owner busy. The spring is a good time to have your air-conditioning units serviced and have the Freon levels checked (a refill may be necessary.) Once you find a reputable HVAC company that you feel comfortable working with, it will be able to provide you with an extensive list of what it can offer as far as preventive maintenance and routine services.The fall is a good time to remove and replace the inlet hoses to your washers. Exchanging the hoses, especially the hot-water hoses, will help you ensure they don’t dry-rot, spring a leak and create a dangerous flooding situation. Leaking hoses can seriously damage your equipment as well. Washer hoses will most likely only need to be replaced once a year.Removing the front panels from your washers and checking the mounting bolts can be tackled at any time. You’ll be checking to make sure you have enough bolts on the washers to begin with. Make sure the bolts are fully tightened and that there is no chance the washer will break loose and skip off the pad.While you’re checking on the bolts, it’s an ideal time to check the grout. Is there sufficient grout under the frames? Do you notice cracks in the grout, or large chunks of grout under the washer? This could be the start of a serious problem if not addressed as soon as possible.KEEP COOLRemember, even if the list of maintenance tasks seems endless, you don’t need to do all the work at once. It’s all about planning and moving on to the next task. This strategy will pay off in the long run.

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Ferguson has worked as a service technician, and a service and parts manager for 13 years. He is currently the service and parts manager at Laundry Equipment Services, Inc., in Berkeley Springs, W. Va.


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