Police Dog Takes Down Attempted Laundry Burglar

Jason Hicks |

CONCORD, Mass. — A man who allegedly attempted to rob Well Laundermat in Concord, Mass., found he’d bitten off more than he could chew when officers sent in a police dog to subdue him, according to the Contra Costa Times.Police came to the store after receiving an alarm call from the laundry just after midnight, and found a man prying open the coin boxes on one of the dryers, according to Lt. Brian Wiesendanger.They surrounded the building and ordered the man to come out. When he refused, they sent in a police dog, which rushed the man and bit him on the arm, allowing officers to arrest him.The 31-year-old Concord resident was sent to a local hospital for treatment for his injuries, and then police booked him on suspicion of commercial burglary. 

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