Picnic Events at PWS Locations Draw Hundreds of Store Owners


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Picnic sales/service school events hosted by PWS at its California facilities in 2013 featured equipment displays, parts specials and service classes. (File photo: PWS - The Laundry Co.)

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LOS ANGELES — Picnic sales/service school events hosted by PWS - The Laundry Co. at its facilities in Los Angeles, South San Francisco and San Diego on the weekend of April 5-6 drew hundreds of store owners who took advantage of equipment displays, parts specials, and service classes conducted by PWS and Alliance Laundry Systems personnel, the distributor reports.

Special sales events have been standard among California distributors during the fall, PWS says, but the marketing strategy is now being employed to entice customers in the springtime, too. Even so, laundry owners show no signs of growing weary of the gatherings.

“Maybe this attendance phenomenon is because there have been many new operators entering the business who have not had the time to become bored with shows and picnics, or maybe it can be attributed to the fact that the current population of laundry owners is taking a more professional approach toward running their business,” the distributor says.

PWS claims that more than $100,000 in parts were sold at the Los Angeles site during its event.


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